Mega Bloks Warcraft Series One Minfigure SET of 8

Item# BAT062413

Series One Minfigure SET of 8

Series One Minfigure SET of 8

  • Officially licensed by: Mega Bloks Warcraft
  • Made by: Mega Brands
  • Set #BAT062413

Product Detail Summary: We are offering the complete set of SERIES 1 Warcraft Mega Bloks Minifigures. If you would like to secure the set without purchasing an entire case- you may do so right here. You will receive brand new figures, repackaged into plastic bags after locating:

1 x Duskborne (Alliance Knight Elf Death Knight) (Ultra Rare) 1 x Nighthowl (Alliance Worgen Rogue) (Rare) 1 x Medrin (Horde Blood Elf Paladin) (Rare) 1 x Greyland (Alliance Human Warrior) (Common) 1 x Roto (Alliance Gnome Monk) (Common) 1 x Thunderhorn (Horde Tauren Druid) (Common) 1 x Drixil (Horde Goblin) (Common) 1 x Dayhaven (Horde Blood Elf Priest) (Common)

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