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BA Toys Thumbs Up for Coinbase Cryptocurrency Exchange.

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Exchange Name: Coinbase

Exchanged used? Yes
Rating/Opinion: Thumbs up for Coinbase Cryptocurrency Exchange. Tried & Trusted

We believe Coinbase is SAFE TO USE!

Coinbase is the FIRST exchange we ever tried trusting. We have ZERO regrets. Sure, they did not INITIALLY support the Bitcoin Cash fork(BTC split) but they have announced they are supporting Bitcoin Cash in 2018, retro-actively. This means that at the time of the fork, Coinbase received Bitcoin Cash in sums equivalent to each customers holdings of Bitcoin. Coinbase is working on the code to securely support Bitcoin Cash and will credit all customers theirr share of Bitcoin Cash EQUAL to customers' allotment at the time of the fork!

Considering all of the hacks and security vulnerabilities that have gone on in the past, elsewhere, it feels good to have an exchange that is NOT rushing to be "the first to this, or that...". Coinbase is performing due-diligence in keeping all accounts safe. The built-in 2 step verification system is standard by default and you have total control of your withdrawls through your verified email address.

October 12, 2017: Coinbase has announced instant bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin purchases using your verified bank account.

Paypal has partnered with Coinbase to expedite transactions for Bitcoin in the USA. As of right now, it only works one-way in which you can CASH OUT Bitcoin holdings with Paypal. YOU CANNOT PURCHASE BITCOIN USING PAYPAL.


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