Ethereum Cryptocurrency Wallet Starter Bundle - For Beginners

Ethereum Cryptocurrency.

Ethereum Cryptocurrency Wallet Starter Bundle - For Beginners
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This single step sets you on a journey to an informed future. Give this Cryptocurrency Starter Bundle as a very unique gift, or take one for yourself! The hard part is done, no more excuses!

This Ethereum Cryptocurrency Wallet Starter Bundle will set you on the right path to learning about cryptocurrency. Familiarize yourself with THE future, now.

This Ethereum Cryptocurrency Wallet Starter Bundle includes:

  • Pre-made online wallet YOU control for Ethereum-based cryptocurrency.

  • PAPER GUIDE for accessing your online wallet, including DO's and DON'Ts.

  • Instructions on creating a NEW wallet. (When you know how to create a new ethereum based wallet it can be done in less than one minute.)

  • Redemption code for claiming bonus .1 Ethereum (ETH), directly from B.A. Toys. Your bonus .1 Ethereum (one tenth of one Ethereum Coin) already has value. It will always be equal to 10 percent of the current Ethereum price. As Of December 7th, 2017 Ethereum is trading around the $450 level (and has been for weeks). This means your .1 Ethereum INCLUDED IN THIS BUNDLE is already worth $45. B.A. Toys sends this to you directly and we guarantee you to receive it.

    BEGINNERS NOTE: The standard practice of cryptocurrency coins is to spend them in fractional portions, so receiving one-tenth of an ethereum is common practice (for anyone questioning why they are not receiving one full coin). We have chosen .1 Ethereum to keep the costs of the bundles affordable and extremely competitive.

    The majority of people have the nagging suspicion that they, too, should be involved in cryptocurrency- but they do not know how or where to start.

    You will receive an actual PAPER GUIDE detailing the wallet process, how to access it & create your own if you so choose. Your wallet includes your first cryptocurrency as an introduction into the cryptocurrency market. We will cover Do's and Don'ts to get you off to a safe and secure start. Your new cryptocurrency will be delivered to you, AFTER your wallet possession, so that you are involved in the process. As this is an informational service, we must inform you that you are purchasing this service and that the paper delivery of documents completes the transaction. As this offer is for services only, orders are NOT REFUNDABLE. Every Starter Bundles includes BONUS cryptocurrency as stated, this Ethereum Cryptocurrency Wallet Starter Bundle includes .1 Ethereum as a bonus.

    Now that we have launched our starter bundle line, COMPETITION WILL BE COMING FAST AND FURIOUS. B.A. Toys has been dealing in high-demand toys since 2009. B.A. Toys' has been dealing with cryptocurrency since 2010- as we could not resist the temptation of the ultimate high-tech toy back then, cryptocurrency! Mass adoption is right around the corner- so it is now time for us to do our part in spreading the word.

    If you are still making excuses about not starting with cryptocurrency- take a look at our Bitcoin section. We ceased selling Bitcoin in 2016 and started hoarding it, while leaving prices in the section untouched (as a time capsule of sorts). We have a lot of happy customers now that purchased Bitcoin back then!

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