Halo Mega Bloks Exclusive Signature Series Sets
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Mega Bloks launched the Signature Series with the Forward Unto Dawn Set.

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Covenant Scarab
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Covenant Scarab

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Covenant Scarab

  • Fully-buildable Scarab features opening hatches and plenty of room for interior and exterior play.
  • Pivoting legs and rotating head allow for advanced poseability of this epic Covenant vehicle.
  • Light-up holographic Prophet of Truth in a buildable gravity throne
  • Jackal Snipers with Covenant Carbines, plus Elite Ascetic with Energy Sword and Elite Commando with Fuel Rod Cannon
  • Final build stands at an impressive 26 long x 14.5 high!
Covenant Scarab OP97642
Halo Mega Bloks Signature Series Covenant Scarab Pre-Order Ships Oct

UNSC Mammoth Set 97174
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UNSC Mammoth
UNSC Mammoth Set 97174

UNSC Mammoth Set 97174

  • Officially licensed by: Mega Bloks Halo
  • Made by: Mega Brands
  • Set #97174

Product Detail Summary: The M510 Mammoth siegework has no equal in size, firepower, or tactical faculty within the UNSC's mobile planetside support contingent, making it one of the most powerful ground assets ever designed by humans. At roughly 70 meters in length and carrying numerous mounted support weapons and materiel caches, the M510's most significant attribute is its topside MAC, designed to target and eliminate hostile vessels, weapons, and even fortifications residing in terrestrial or even suborbital positions. Ideal for kids ages 8 and up!


•Buildable UNSC siegework vehicle measuring over 19" long (49cm) by 9" high (22cm).

•Removable hull and multiple interior compartments

•Multiple lowering ramps for troop and vehicle deployment

•Vehicle bay designed to store and transport a fully loaded UNSC Night Ops Gausshog (sold separately)!

•Figures included: Spartan Recruit, Spartan Operator, Marine, all-new Commander Lasky (we assume Thomas and not his mother) and mini light-up Roland!

Section Two Declassifed Information:

Commander (Thomas) Lasky was captain of the The UNSC Infinity, a ship rumored to have been constructed under the direction of Section Three, utilizing Covenant & Forerunner technology.

Infinity had a crew officially reported of 17,151 comprised of Civilian personnel, Marines & some ONI Operatives.

Factoring in previously undisclosed numbers of stationed Top-Secret Agents: ONI Operatives, Specialists & out-of-sight Officers, reveals the Mammoth's Top-Secret Tribute to the Infinity. The TRUE unofficial (off-record) crew count of the Infinity numbered 17,479 and is coded within the Halo Mega Bloks Mammoth's Set ID of 97174.

Additionally, The Halo Mega Bloks UNSC Mammoth includes not only its Captain, but one of Infinity's most prized assets: A mini light-up Roland, Infinity's Primary AI.

Why did you leave the ship, Roland?... ...AND...

...Where are you going?

What's down the mouth of this Mammoth beast?

UNSC Mammoth has modular Mega Bloks sections!

A Mammoth ship requires mammoth command.

Forward Unto Dawn
Details About...

Forward Unto Dawn
Forward Unto Dawn

Forward Unto Dawn

  • Officially licensed by: Halo Mega Bloks
  • Made by: Mega Brands
  • Set #97117

Product Detail Summary: Establish your army, build and expand your units with the Halo Signature Series: Forward Unto Dawn by Mega Bloks! The Forward Unto Dawn is a Charon-class light frigate moderately outfitted to engage enemies of similar tonnage effectively. Frigates of this class are equipped with low-to-medium grade magnetic acceleration cannons, embedded missile delivery systems, a light point defense network, and three dorsal launch bays which can effectively deploy nuclear armaments. The primary purpose of Charon-class frigates such as Dawn, is to swiftly engage and neutralize attacking threats, both at significant range and in close-quarters skirmishes, thereby making them primarily defensive in design and intent. Light frigates can also be used for escort and, less frequently, within concerted attacks against stationary targets.

Ideal for children ages 8 and up!

  • Buildable Charon-class light frigate with removable hull and multiple interior compartments
  • Break Away Mode allows you to relive key Halo moments
  • Buildable Cryo Bay with light-up Cortana
  • Fully stocked UNSC Armory, Sticky Detonator and Covenant plasma pistol
  • Figurines included: UNSC Officer, UNSC Technician, Covenant Zealot Elite and The Master Chief!

    International Customers please inquire by email for shipping charges to sales@badasstoysforbadassboys.com
  • $249.99

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