Hot Wheels Mega Bloks Hot Wheels Super Blitzen Monster Truck [Yellow]

Item# 91712


Hot Wheels Super Blitzen Monster Truck [Yellow] Details

Hot Wheels Super Blitzen Monster Truck [Yellow]

Hot Wheels Super Blitzen Monster Truck [Yellow]

  • Officially licensed by: Hot Wheels Mega Bloks
  • Made by: Mega Brands
  • Release Date: 2013
  • Number of Pieces: TBD
  • Set #91712

Product Detail Summary: Features:
  • Rebuildable Super Blitzen™ car
  • Monster Truck base with motorized pull-and-release action
  • Race Car base for the iconic Super Blitzen™ build, or customize it with other parts for cool rebuilding possibilities
  • Collectible Team Yellow action figure
  • Mega Bloks Blue and Red Logo
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