Parsec Frontiers [PRSC]

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Paresec Frontiers MMO Video Game.Parsec Frontiers Space Exploration gaming with blockchain cryptocurrency technology.
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Name: Parsec Frontiers

Token: Parsec Credits
Cryptocurrency Symbol: PRSC
Coinclusion: Parsec Frontiers is an MMO space exploration & colonization game. Players helped create it, and players OWN IT. Everything you find, mine, create, craft and more in game YOU WILL OWN. Rights ARE CONVEYED TO YOU through the Blockchain Ledger! The Parsec Credits will be a WISE INVESTMENT! ICO ON NOW- receive an extra 2% bonus through our preferred referral link. We were early adopters and invested in JANUARY- YOU CAN STILL GET IN! MASSIVE POTENTIAL!
Go to Parsec Frontiers ICO and get a 2% Bonus NOW!
Limited Credits left with LIMITED TIME REMAINING!

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