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Hey, We're Famous...(again)

We are finally willing to share the answer to many email inquiries:
"why do BA Toys' ads re-direct to Target?"

Actual Google screenshot...
Retail Giant Target takes on BA Toys through online marketing ad campaign, is the official site of BA Toys for sales of Toys, Collectibles, Mega Bloks, Halo and more!

The short answer:
The ads referenced are not ads by BA Toys.
They are imposter ads being placed by retail giant Target.(YES, THAT Target!)

We believed the first to direct ad campaigns at BA Toys would be Toys R Us.
We were wrong.
It's Target.

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The following ads are being left up on this page in case Target decides to target them. Go ahead, it's okay. They can pay us for it should they choose. We aren't worried- you know the way back!
(Still)Watch for the video game ads- they rock-