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UNSC Fireteam EAGLE [Combat Unit]
UNSC Fireteam EAGLE [Combat Unit] is an officially licensed, authentic Mega Bloks Halo product at B.A. Toys featuring UNSC Fireteam EAGLE [Combat Unit] by Mega Bloks Halo

UNSC Fireteam EAGLE [Combat Unit]
Item# 97453U
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2015 Halo Mega Bloks Fireteam EAGLE [Combat Unit]

Fireteam EAGLE [Combat Unit]

More About This Product…

  • Product Name: Fireteam EAGLE [Combat Unit]
  • Brand: Mega Bloks Halo Wars
  • Manufacturer: Mattel Mega Brands
  • Officially Licensed by: HALO
  • UPC: 065541974531
  • Style: Building Block Construction Toy Set
  • Assembly Required
  • ETA: 2015 Release Date [January]
Product Description: Intel on... 2015 Halo Mega Bloks Fireteam EAGLE [Combat Unit]!

Prepare your defenses and protect the colonies by sending in Fireteam Eagle by Mega Bloks Halo. This specialized squad includes five highly detailed, super-poseable micro action figures. They come with an interchangeable armor system and attachable weapons and accessories for tactical operations. You can build the Forerunner Light Bridge and show your allegiance by planting the Fireteam Eagle flag and defending your territory.

Ideal for ages 8 and up

Features: • Five UNSC Spartan micro action figures with interchangeable armor system, including Spartan Soldier, Spartan Scout, Spartan Oceanic, Spartan Enforcer and Spartan Aviator • Attachable weaponry and accessories: Scattershot, Boltshot, Incineration Cannon, Binary Rifle, LightRifle, Jetpack, Pulse Grenades, Hard Light Shield • Buildable Forerunner Light Bridge and Fireteam Eagle flag
Don't delay in securing your officially licensed Mega Bloks Halo Wars 2015 Set: Fireteam EAGLE [Combat Unit] by Mattel Brands!

Video Reveal of 2015 Halo Mega Bloks UNSC Fireteam Eagle

UNSC Fireteam Eagle Set 97453




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