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We HODL Toys.
Toyken ICO, Toyken cryptocurrency is attracting global attention.  B.A. Toys has set a standard of accountability which the IEO offers are trying to duplicate.   TRUE STORY about Liqui.io chat Whales ask B.A. Toys   Team Toyken BAToys, #Toyken #ICO #Rocket #Moon

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Horizon Project: Toyken [5 Minute Explainer Video]
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B.A. Toys HORiZON PRoJECT: Toyken Offering

B A Toys Explainer Video Horizon Project: Toyken Offering For more information like white paper, allocation, team and more: https://www.badasstoysforbadassboys.com/ba-toys-projects.html

Posted by BadassToysforBadassBoys.com on Saturday, April 20, 2019
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After watching Video,
if you read only one part of our white paper, make it this:
Retail's Best Kept Secret:
Addictive Emotions Underlying Demand

ACT III, Scene 3



B.A. Toys branded cryptocurrency, Toyken, represents a melding of our brand's philosophy, proven business methods, customer expectations and all that encapsulates a total buying experience at B.A. Toys, in the form of a virtual token. To completely understand Toyken and what it stands for, you must first understand how B.A. Toys came to be, what shaped us along the way & the company we have become.

The Early Years
B.A. Toys was established in 2010. By 2015, sales revenue was in excess of $300,000.00(USD) annually. As a bootstrap company, our first years of sales were extremely challenging. Bootstrapping a company means starting from nothing. It requires strict budgeting and management accountability. It teaches one how to succeed creatively, stretching resources, networks and money as far as you can. Bootstrapping can rarely be taught; It is a particularly powerful and priceless skill set, one that is severely lacking from cryptocurrency projects.

Our 2nd year we managed to become an involved retailer of Mega Brands' Mega Bloks construction sets. Fast-forward: We eventually went on to become a preferred Mega Bloks specialty retailer and received the prestigious honor of unveiling new Halo Mega Bloks set releases & product information, globally. It was excellent teamwork, until Mattel acquired Mega Brands in 2016. You can find further detail about this monumental achievement, in our Toyken White Paper.

During our 3rd year B.A. Toys experienced a noticeable increase in sales volume due to netting higher prices from older, discontinued toys & collectibles. We had considerable levels of these items. In hindsight, the owner's intuition played an integral role in our "accidentally-genius" salvation. The considerable revenue increase resulted in B.A. Toys upending "conventional business practices".

B.A. Toys-Forged Business Model
Rather than clearing through inventory as quickly as possible, B.A. Toys implemented competitively pricing current merchandise, for only as long as necessary, to pay off the invoice for that specific merchandise. For example, newly released item A is only on sale until item A's invoice is paid in full. Item A is then warehoused until the item is discontinued and nearly all other competitors are out of stock.

We call this inventory program, B.A. Toys Forecast SIM. A system in which inventory management, duration and storage costs increase overall long-term costs, but results in overall sales revenue increasing at substantial multiples, while customer acquisition costs plummet. Day-to-day customary operations keep customers happy with competitive pricing. Later, more customers are just as pleased paying higher prices, long after an item has been discontinued, due to prolonged availability. This set the stage for Toyken, our B.A. Toys branded cryptocurrency.

Although B.A. Toys® has extensive criteria for carrying lines & products, let's familiarize you with just a few to convey a general sense of our product screening. The "emphasis on demand products with underlying addictive traits", on right, results in higher demand & collectability,

Product & Line Selection

Mass Appeal
Limited Productions
High-end Collectibles
Limited Sales Channels
Authentic, Licensed if applicable
Emphasis on Demand Products with Addictive Underlying Traits (& Example)
Anime (It's a Lifestyle)
Exploration (Science)
Building (Mega Bloks & Lego)
Binge Watchers (Doctor Who)
Video Game themes (Destiny)
Character specific (Spiderman)
Brand/License specific (Disney/Marvel)

For additional perspective about demand with underlying traits of addiction, simply think about: Gamers, Trekkies, Whovians, Bronies, Crypto Traders, etc... & consider the addictive traits of each. Such traits grant sustained demand & higher collectability profiles.

B.A. Toys' model requires experience in forecasting of collector values, to realize price gains at substantial multiples at a later date. These substantial multiples more than offset the long-term cost of storage. B.A. Toys' owner has over 25 years of experience predicting items of collector interest and considerable price appreciation. If Toys R Us had used even parts of our model, and they hadn't been raided by vulture capitalists, they might still be around to this day. Of course, our model has NOT been made public until now. What timing.

B.A. Toys' inventory cycles are rotational for many products. Forecast SIM is a working, successful model confirmed in our prior years of business. Products will see competitive market pricing in US Dollars, and surges of demand, upon a product's initial release. As products are selected for Forecast SIM annually, a steady stream of collectibles becomes available a SECOND time within these cycles going forward. Forecast SIM is composed of varying timelines, dependent upon competitor stock levels, pricing and collector demand. There are additional trade secrets involved in our model, which will not be made public.

If you'd like, review B.A. Toys' SIM in Action Example, and then you can easily return here.

B.A. Toys' SIM products for 2019 and 2020 are already acquired and warehoused from previous years. This means nearly all the items currently left in stock on our website will only be available using Toyken upon our relaunch in 2019.

Our New Cryptocurrency
Toyken is B.A. Toys branded cryptocurrency for toys & collectibles. As a long-term goal, Toyken will appear on other exchanges as Toyken demand grows. (As offering goals are met, additional exchange listings will be a priority.) Toyken will play an integral role on our website and hopefully in the collector community. As we devote products to B.A. Toys Forecast SIM annually, we will convert said products from US Dollar sales to Toyken sales. Once an item requires Toyken, it will never be for sale in US Dollars, on our website, again. Welcome to the 21st century.

New Interactive Marketing Campaigns
B.A. Toys will release NEW marketing campaigns, intertwined with website developments, to include precision marketing strategies, niche market applications and psychographic segmentation. We will not disclose further details regarding our marketing.

Website Developments & The Power of Toyken
Our website is receiving massive upgrades and developments in the first half of 2019 to handle increased capacity. Our new website will be immersive with innovative, interactive functionality and historical price indexing of/on products in US Dollars and Toyken as necessary, highlighting opportunities and benefits of Toykenomics.

Here's a sneak peek at future developments for our new & improved platform:

Dismal B.A. Toys Toy Power Membership logo featuring lightning bolt striking through O and lighting up logo representing the power of lightning and B.A. Toys Toy Power.
B.A. Toys' Toy Power Membership
(previously BANOPI) will receive many new features and unique benefits. All Toyken users (& hodlrs) are automatically members of Toy Power.

ToyTRAX red and black logo with icon tread tracks running under it into the distant horizon line.  B.A. Toys ToyTRAX icon not only runs toys down, it runs them over!
ToyTRAX allows for historical market price gain/loss tracking of items on site, item watch lists, as well as voluntary custodial chain (ownership) documentation for active Collectibles Traders. Think of ToyTRAX, in a general sense, as a portfolio for your toys and more. All powered by Toyken.

B.A. Toys' Toy Marketplace icon, black and white.
B.A. Toys Marketplace: Third-party selling platform will have a large, active supply of toys & collectibles from third-party sellers. Sellers will be required to list a minimum percentage, likely 2-3%, of their total items available on B.A. Toys Marketplace as requiring Toyken.*

Powering Features
We will retain a small percentage of Toyken collected per year to power any B.A. Toys' memberships, clubs, internal actions, metrics, etc... that are powered by Toyken. This means if our reserve percentages are low, or empty, any additional Toyken B.A. Toys requires to perform functions will be purchased at the current market rate from a decentralized exchange Toyken listing.*

Additional Toyken distribution and burn information is available in the Toyken Distribution Section. Imagine a cryptocurrency that sees year-round usage and then seasonally spikes in high transactional volumes at the end of every year. We suggest you secure Toyken early!

Explore B.A. Toys' Model In Depth
B.A. Toys' Toyken White Paper, is a more in-depth reveal. It is NOT written in a technical format, but rather conveys philosophies, lessons learned and beliefs. Although it is rather lengthy, it is forthright. Read how B.A. Toys® started, what we've learned, how we're changing and where we're heading.

You have my sincere appreciation for reviewing our Toyken Summary. Please contemplate why B.A. Toys' enhanced platform and Toyken, combined, will influence & upend the toy sector, a sector which has not seen challenging ideas in decades. Our usual customers have plenty of addiction underlying the demand- just imagine it times two: both effects of wanting, they collectible, and having enough Toyken. How much will they compound feeding off of one another?
"If you have even the slightest influence of addiction underlying demand, you go from a market sector competitor, to a market sector leader."
- Jeremy Buse, B.A. Toys®


Choose your preference, there's not a bad choice on this list!
Here is your all access pass!
Toyken all access pass to gain official information about Toyken ICO.
FIND OUT WHO is on TEAM Toyken here.
Our TEAM page has been shared 1800+ times in 5 days!

Check out Toyken Allocation #'s here.

Want to know more?
READ the EXTENSIVE 40+ page White Paper.
( 30-40 minute read.)

Our Toyken White Paper is based in REALITY and EXPERIENCE.
It does NOT contain tech-jargons.
Written by our Founder:
Jeremy Buse;
Rather than a hired gun!

You also have the option of looking through the below examples and menus and choosing a different path. AS ALWAYS - IF YOU COULD FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK - IT WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED AND YOU WOULD BE PRIVY TO INSTANT UPDATES & NEWS LONG BEFORE THE GENERAL PUBLIC!

Questions? B.A. Toys' Founder will personally answer them.Email: toyken@badasstoysforbadassboys.com

Want to know more? View our WHITE PAPER, with considerable deeper content at 2019 P & L Project with Toyken Offering (White Paper by Jeremy Buse).

Or, go to Toyken Offering Structure, you know you want to! Toyken Allocation & Distribution
Here is an overview of B.A. Toys' Forecast SIM in action:

New inventory acquired in 2019 sold for US Dollars, competitively priced.
Inventory acquired pre-2018 requires Toyken.
*HOT severely limited-availability item arrives in December 2019, immediately requires Toyken due to demand. We see an increase of Toyken users & demand, in an attempt to get HOT item. Consider previous real-world examples of Fuby, Hatchimals, Fidget Spinners(they were actually impossible to get at the start of the craze), etc...

New inventory acquired in 2020 sold for US Dollars, competitively priced.
Inventory acquired in 2019 likely retired to B.A. Toys SIM, now requires Toyken.
Older specialty products are seeing consistent increases in price.

New inventory acquired in 2021 sold for US Dollars, competitively priced.
2020 inventory retired to B.A. Toys SIM, now requires Toyken.

New inventory acquired in 2022 sold for US Dollars, competitively priced.
Inventory acquired in 2021 likely retired to Forecast SIM, requires Toyken.
Celebrity death causes item surges in collector demand and prices of 4x to 8x suggested retail. Consider real-life examples such as the death of Heath Ledger, Leonard Nimoy and, recently, Stan Lee. We gain massive collector support by offering said items at substantial discounts as a benefit to Toyken users. Demand for Toyken sees an increase.

New inventory acquired in 2023 sold for US Dollars, competitively priced.
Inventory acquired in 2022 likely retired to B.A. Toys SIM.
Inventory acquired pre-2021 requires Toyken.
B.A. Toys decides to clear out some SIM inventory from 2020, gaining more collector support. Items going for 5x retail are slashed to 3x retail.

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B.A. Toys Platform & Launch Toyken Project
[White Paper]

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