Bounty Overview

B.A. Toys Pilot Operations landing or taking off from runway.

B.A. Toys' Take On Bounties

For any new B.A. Toys Pilot applicants experienced in crypto, we likely do not run bounties in the format you may be accustom to. In all honesty, we have not looked IN DEPTH at bounty formats in crypto, but we have scoped several crypto projects utilizing bounties, to get a general sense of their use and how they differ from our use.

B.A. Toys Bounty Format

With our B.A. Pilot recruitment campaign ongoing for Toyken, we are excited at the opportunity of possibly adding some EXPERIENCED BOUNTY HUNTERS to join our program. As always, we will be open to suggestions and advice in making our program what you'd like to partake in.

We have always used Bounties sparingly as they are intended to be used. Bounties should be used in specific circumstances, they should not be used in general as an entire marketing campaign.

Additionally, B.A. Toys Bounty placement is intentionally expensive for us in our format, as we believe it SHOULD BE; We hold ourself to that commitment. We place high Bounty value and rewards on our identified targets OR ACTIONS.

We may place B.A. Toys Bounty on any of our products, such as collector items, limited edition or limited availability items, Toyken, special edition products, discontinued products, etc...

Additionally, we may place B.A. Toys Bounty on influencing actions, targeting actions, engagement actions, sniping, etc... We like out-of-the-box ideas so feel free to share them with us.

Our FIRST B.A. TOYS BOUNTY was Placed in 2014!

B.A. Toys Bounty is a long established & already functioning part of our B.A. Pilot Affiliate Program and has been for years. In 2014 Mega Bloks announced an official "Toymation Halo Mega Bloks Contest" conducted by TheSSMotion, for which Mega Bloks was supplying prizes. After the contest was officially underway, we announced that a B.A. Toys Bounty was in place. We influenced the contest and awarded Bounties to B.A. Toys fans that inserted a B.A. Toys promotion into the contest video submissions. MANY did very well, and one placed top 3 at least, if not higher. We have since lost the links, but the page is still up on our site.

We did not get Mega Bloks' nor TheSSMotion's permission ahead of time, even though our relationship with Mega Bloks was phenomenal. Mega Bloks was actually amused and impressed. Mega Bloks usually ran their own Toymation contest annually. We explained that had Mega run theirs as usual, we would have placed a B.A. Toys Bounty on theirs too.

We believe that is how a REAL BOUNTY SHOULD BE RUN. You don't usually put a "Bounty" on your own work, you put a "Bounty" on another's WORK and influence it. It is not illegal, it's just genius.

To establish the fact that our program has already been in place AND functioning, you can view documentation at the Wayback Machine website.

Our first B.A. Toys Bounty in 2014, documented: WaybackMachine Internet Archive.
(The WaybackMachine is an independent website, we have no affliation with WaybackMachine.)

Our original B.A. Toys Bounty site page, still shows the video announcement of the contest.

IF you have experience specifically with crypto bounties and would like to suggest what works, social bounties that are effective, etc... please do not hesitate to let us know so that we may consider options.

We understand that no one knows what works better, than those that have actually done the work & many different types of bounties!

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HODL is a term derived from a misspelling of "hold" that refers to buy-and-hold strategies in the context of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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