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B.A. Toys Pilot Bounties

We may place B.A. Toys Bounty on new pre-order items, existing stock items, discontinued collector items, actions such as affiliate recruitments, referring proper targets, etc... Bounties are NOT COMMON, but we try to work in as many as we can.

We are looking for a few experienced crypto Bounty Hunters that can suggest and guide us to successful bounty postings for crypto promotion and awareness, if there is such a thing.

We likely do not run bounties in the format that you may be accustom to. In all honesty, we have only scoped a few crypto bounties to get a general sense; We have not looked in depth at bounties in crypto. For the most part, we believe that the technical aspects of Bounties in crypto are amazing, like hacking, debugging, etc... The social aspect and promotions of crypto in the Bounty formats we have seen, on the other hand, appear to be garbage. They are too complex. There is too much proving that you did something. There is too much proving "this" and proving "that". We encourage you to browse our B.A. Toys Bounty section for a general sense of our execution of a B.A. Toys Bounty and how we believe a Bounty should actually be posted.

B.A.Toys Pilot intel reports, product announcement intelligence.   Plane flying by flight tower after pilot received B.A.Toys Pilot intel report, product announcement intelligence, black and white rendition.   B.A.Toys Pilot Mission patch, white and black with B.A. Toys logo.   Crosshairs of zoom scope to focus on B.A. Toys bounty, black and white.

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