Flight Briefings

Set The Tone Of The Journey.
Slow Your Roll & Read This Section.

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Please read through the Flight Briefings Section.
Afterwards, If this section seems confusing to you, simply ignore it.
You will not be reprimanded nor penalized for doing so.

Some new issues are rather complex. We have decided to add additional information, as B.A. Toys® Pilot "Flight Briefings", to reinforce our particular stance or belief on subjects.

Flight Briefings are all about what they convey,
not just what the words on the page say.

We may be calling attention to issues by placing emphasis on subjects, areas of specific reference, or WHAT types of things B.A. Toys considers PRODUCTS or OUR PRODUCT. Taken as a whole, this could all make for some very interesting, yet subtle, statements or stances in posts & articles to encourage meaningful conversation, debate or the best of both...

...a possibly viral thought-provoking, debatable attention-grabber.

If you find something that seems vague to YOU,
it is likely NOT vague to B.A. Toys®.

Please think about what we may be trying to
convey through our Flight Briefings.
(This motto could actually be applied to ALL operations!)

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B.A.Toys Pilot intel reports, product announcement intelligence.   Plane flying by flight tower after pilot received B.A.Toys Pilot intel report, product announcement intelligence, black and white rendition.   B.A.Toys Pilot Mission patch, white and black with B.A. Toys logo.   Crosshairs of zoom scope to focus on B.A. Toys bounty, black and white.

Featured Briefings

Preflight "usually" applies to our general program.
Flight "usually" applies to referenced Missions.

3 stylized pilots receive preflight pilot briefing from instructor at front of war room pointing at white board.

Reves Family Resemblance

98-1062 - DC Circuit

Featured Law Decision [Law Brief]
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HODL is a term derived from a misspelling of "hold" that refers to buy-and-hold strategies in the context of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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