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Affiliate Program Tasks, Command Central.

You are always free to post as much referral content of whatever you'd like. It does not matter if specific Operations exist for content, or not. Intel, Flight Briefings, Missions & Bounties are simply guides!

The advantage to our ENTIRE B.A. TOYS PILOT PROGRAM is that all operations pay IN PERPETUITY. If you write an article on Toyken, it does not only pay until the Offer Round- your referrals to our site pay FOREVER per the user agreement.

Featured Sections

B.A.Toys Pilot intel reports, product announcement intelligence.

B.A. Toys® Pilot
Intel Reports

B.A. Toys Pilot all access pass. better binoculars, black and white icon. intelligence report stamp

Build a following quickly by providing accurate snippets of useful information. Intel can inspire quick shout outs, or string it together when possible for deeper content.

If B.A. Toys announces it, it's *guaranteed to be accurate.

Plane flying by flight tower after pilot received B.A.Toys Pilot intel report, product announcement intelligence, black and white rendition.

B.A. Toys® Pilot
Flight Briefings

B.A. Toys Pilot all access pass. better binoculars, black and white icon. 3 stylized pilots receive pilot briefing from instructor at front of war room pointing at white board.

Some new issues are rather complex, so we have added this new section. Our intentions are to unlock the Utility of Flight Briefings to reinforce the foundation & integrity of B.A. Toys' platform. Flight Briefings will hopefully lend some creative juices or approaches to your contributions.

Check this section before starting new Missions.

B.A.Toys 4 B.A. Boys white and black little B.A. Toys dude with number four on arm, Pilot Mission patch featuring B.A. Toys logo.

B.A. Toys® Pilot

B.A. Toys Pilot all access pass. better binoculars, black and white icon. stylized globe black and white sphere representation.

Often used for the broadest of scopes. You retain creative control, but we are able to focus the affiliate unit on things such as primary targets, main objectives, key tasks, secondary objectives, etc... We may also post Secondary Missions for motivated individuals as inspiration for additional content.

If you focus on only ONE section, this should be it.

Crosshairs of zoom scope to focus on B.A. Toys bounty, black and white.

B.A. Toys® Pilot

B.A. Toys Pilot all access pass. better binoculars, black and white icon. Black and white stylized figure with crosshair target placed on it to identify bounty hunter target.

Our first B.A. Toys Bounty was placed in 2014. Although we do NOT believe in Bounty CAMPAIGNS, we do believe in the utility that Bounties achieve, as they were originally intended to be run by definition. B.A. Toys Bounty is placed on specific products, or highly focused, targeted actions that we are looking to aggressively market. Read why we think most crypto non-tech bounties SUCK.

We prefer our B.A. Toys' Bounties, hopefully you will too.

B.A.Toys Pilot Pilot Affiliate Program Rules & Boundaries black and white book.

Affiliate Program
Rules & Boundaries

better binoculars, black and white icon.

B.A. Toys has ONE RULE and it will NOT be broken. Boundaries additionally propose an area of operation while providing leeway & fostering creativity.

READ THIS for B.A. Toys Pilot application link!

I'll apply, take me to the user agreement.

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