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WELCOME TOwide landing strip for B.A. Toys Pilots to touchdown on landing pageB.A. Toys® Pilot Affiliate Program


B.A. Toys Pilot
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Applicants WANTED

Affiliates send visitors
to a designated "landing page"
using their affiliate-specific link.


Get it? ...landing pages.
If you don't get it, just go ahead & leave now. :P

We need seriously experienced crypto marketers to join our affiliate program & impact our massive 2019 Platform & Launch Project (2019 P&L Project)  built around B.A. Toys' Toyken.

If you primarily earn rewards from crypto marketing, or if that is what hooked you into marketing programs, you should definitely join B.A. Toys Pilot Affiliate Program. Imagine 2019, when you can subsidize your efforts by doing exactly what you have been doing all along, but also add toy & collectible PRODUCT referrals into the mix, with our easy system.

The intent behind the new design of our affiliate program is to provide many excellent ways to carry yourself through the ebb and flow of crypto, by writing about fun, awesome Bad Ass Toys! If you think you aren't a natural at promoting toys, think about this: promoting crypto and promoting toys at the basic product level of each, is nearly identical. Our full document has more details in regard to this comparison.

We are aggressively recruiting affiliate program members.
Please take a look through the sections below, then apply!

Two to Review, Then One To Do

no smoking, fasten seatbelt lighted plane sign, prepare for takeoff
B.A. Toys Pilot Affiliate Program please fasten seatbelts flashing sign

B.A.Toys Pilot flight boarding pass and ticket.

#1 - B.A. Toys® Pilot Affiliate Program Overview  plane taking off to next destination

B.A. Toys takes pride in our attempt to effectively & creatively name different affiliate sections and goals. The amount of information that companies "throw" around, and bury affiliates with, is both appalling and shocking.
If a company cannot effectively classify their own info, how do they expect YOU to?

B.A.Toys Pilot flight boarding pass and ticket.

#2 - B.A. Toys® Pilot Operations  Plane taking off to next destination.

We attempt to not be the same old boring affiliate program by assigning classifications and formats to information, such as Intel, Briefs, Missions & Bounties. It is a surprisingly effective way to keep things fresh and possibly inspire you. We won't cause you to paint a Mona Lisa, but we want you to feel proud to be involved.

B.A.Toys Pilot flight boarding pass and ticket.
You know what this is section is. Depending upon which page brought you here, rather than jumping directly to this section, please spend 5, 10 or 15 minutes to browse sections or go to Rules & Boundaries first.




HODL is a term derived from a misspelling of "hold" that refers to buy-and-hold strategies in the context of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
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