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B.A. Toys Horizon

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B.A. Toys Horizon
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B.A. Toys® has several great projects happening in 2019 and we are starting the New Year off with a HUGE one. Below is a lineup of the future developments, upgrades, & service features complimenting our largest endeavor, B.A. Toys Platform & Launch Project (P&L Project). The Launch portion of the project, includes launching our own cryptocurrency, TOYKEN. We will be requiring TOYKEN for special items on our site, as well as offering other new service features, all powered by Toyken.


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#1 - B.A. Toys® Toyken White Paper  plane taking off to next destination

B.A. Toys lays out what we offer and where we are going.
No crazy technology or over-the-moon promises.
Short and to the point.

B.A. Toys®
Anyone remember
pagers from the 90's?

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Yeah..., not that kind of pager.

Get "the skinny" on our Horizon Project, including background & history. Some may prefer to start with this summary. Others may prefer to start with our Full Document.
Summary One-Pager of BAToys Toyken Cryptocurrency ICO adaptive structure hot in 2019
B.A. Toys Platform & Launch Project with Toyken Offering framed tileset, news style placard, front page press release format.

Platform & Launch
Toyken™ Offering

"Not-A-White Paper"

[Full Document]

From B.A. Toys® bootstrap creation through present, learn about our massive platform upgrade and the launch of our branded cryptocurrency Toyken.
Toyken ICO Full Document 2019 White Paper by B.A. Toys

Allocation & Distribution

[Adaptive Structure]

B.A. Toys' unique, adaptive allocation ICO structure means we reward unlocked achievements with

Airdrops Toyken ICO BAToys adaptive structure hot in 2019
B.A. Toys Pilot Affiliate Program logo little dude wearing fight pilot helmet with headset, black and white.

B.A. Toys Pilot
Affiliate Program

Applicants Wanted

We are aggressively recruiting affiliate program members.

We need you!

A unique opportunity to enter during a new phase! Please consider applying.
B.A. Toys Pilot Affilliate Program massively impacts BAToys Toyken Cryptocurrency ICO adaptive structure hot in 2019, affiliates wanted.
Yellow lightning bolt strikes red Toy Power logo and charges it up.

B.A. Toys
Toy Power℠ Membership

New Features:
• New Tools
• Unleash Toy Power!

(Previously BANOPI)
All Toyken users (& hodlrs) are automatically members of Toy Power℠. New Features & Tools will unleash Toy Power for all members!
Toy Power hot new feature showcased in BAToys' Toyken Cryptocurrency ICO adaptive structure hot in 2019, membership with benefits, tools and features.
Two stock chart arrows compare price appreciation in toys and collectibles with Toyken cryptocurrency, headed to the moon when compounded at B.A. Toys.

Toykenomics Examples

Our entire site has been updated to reflect Toyken offers on discontinued collectibles.

Available Fall 2019
Toykenomics File Folder Heading




HODL is a term derived from a misspelling of "hold" that refers to buy-and-hold strategies in the context of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
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