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Toyken White Paper

B.A. Toys will not be placing our content behind a gate or requiring a sign up to view it. We do not believe in the over-sharing of personal data that is currently all-the-rage on the internet. We believe companies that are constantly hounding viewers for data, have little to generally offer the public. Believing "leads" are an indicator as to how successful your company might be, is an internet marketing fallacy, solely designed by and for, you guessed it- internet marketing firms.

Our General Business Model

Founded in 2010 and throughout our years of actual business experience, we have developed a plan in which we eliminate competition by outlasting them. Our mode of operation means we stock up heavily on products that we anticipate will have high demand and collector appreciative value. We sell just enough of these items through day-to-day operations to cover our operating costs. As we are able to pay off invoices in full, we then warehouse the remaining items until other competitors are out of stock.

We will be selling inventory on a 5 year cycle. We have already achieved this in our previous years' of business, it is not a "hypothetical business model".

Items declared to be of substantial collector value or high demand are designated as requiring Toyken. Upon a Toyken designation, we will NEVER take fiat currency for them again. At times, we will even designate current items and/or pre-orders, high in demand or low in supply, as requiring Toyken immediately.

We have in-depth experience promoting collectible items, as is evidenced by the unique relationship we previously built with Mega Brands, allowing us to be the first to unveil a majority of Mega Bloks items globally. Our business model and relationship with Mega Brands is covered in depth in our full document.

Funds Usage

Having been in business for years, with gross revenue reaching $300,000 annually with a marketing budget less than $300 per year, we are expanding our operations through our Toyken offering.

80% of funds raised will be used solely for inventory acquisition. Standard markup is 40% in our industry, which means we could devote 60% of funds to inventory and meet with success. However, we are overshooting this mark to have plenty of inventory to deliver results consistent with our business strategy of years' past, but on a gargantuan scale. Having more inventory allows for the demand of Toyken to grow at a rapid pace, by attracting more customers through our diversive product offerings. As our collectible inventory appreciates in collector value, this will compound the affect of Toyken demand growing naturally through customer use.

Although this plan may sound overly ambitious, we have proven how achievable it is through actual business implementation. We currently have product for the first year,(likely 2 years, but we are not over-shooting). Most companies would require 7 years to hit a workable cycle such as this. Given our previous historical business experience, we can hit our stride by year two.

We will be adding several niche lines, not available in big box stores that already have a loyal following of customers understanding that they must secure their items from specialty retailers.

We will also have standard, in-demand items that big box stores also carry- yet they never stock enough of these items to go around. One such example would be Lego.

Additionally, we will be developing a third-party marketplace in which other sellers will be able to list the products and we will charge a commission to broker the transactions. These 3rd party-sellers will be required to designate a minimum of the products they offer, as requiring Toyken. The percentage of the products will be in the neighborhood of 2-3%.

B.A Toys' will also be developing ToyTrax, which is basically a ticker-like platform for the tracking of toy market values, in real time, as well as for documenting the sale and trading of high-end collectibles. This will all be powered by Toyken.

B.A. Toys Pilot, our affiliate program, is also powered by Toyken.

We are currently migrating our main site to (g-rated version for search engines).

Toyken Distribution

Public Sale - 85.25 Million

Early Access Round (1) 60,000,000 Toyken
•Achievement Rewards drastically alter Round 2.

Milestone Round (2) 25,250,000 Toyken
•DYNAMIC & FULLY ADAPTIVE to Round 1 Achievement Rewards.
• Can be FULLY taken over by hodlrs from Round 1.
• We are FULLY marketing Round 2, even if "we" have nothing left to sell.

Marketing - 8.75 Million
LOCKED UP - graduated release schedule through 2024.

Team - 4 Million
BLACKOUT - locked until November 2020.
LOCKED UP - as performance guarantee, graduated schedule through 2024.

General Fund - 2 Million

We have put great effort into striking balance between our Toyken cryptocurrency available to the masses, and Toyken required for internal operations. We believe our numbers prove our commitment to this project and will go into further details in the Toyken Distribution Section.

All informational sections are available at:

B.A. Toys Horizon Projects

Or if you prefer, go to a specific section now:
Toyken ICO One Pager Summary
Toyken Distribution & Allocation
B.A. Toys Pilot (Affiliate Program)
Full Document
Toy Power




HODL is a term derived from a misspelling of "hold" that refers to buy-and-hold strategies in the context of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
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