B.A. Toys Notice of Pre-Order Intent

Program Advantage Details

B.A. Toys Customers...

...who have completed at least one order with our site PREVIOUSLY,
have the option of paying for Pre-Order and Special Order items at the time of shipment
rather than at the time of order placement.

To take advantage of this program, send an email to and include:

  • Your Name (name or email address must correspond with a previous order in our data base)
  • Phone Number
  • Your Billing/Shipping Address
  • Item Names and/or Item Numbers (or links to the products)
Once the products you desire are received into B.A. Toys' stock, we will send a notification email informing you of such and provide directions on completing your order.

Customers in our Local Area (Northern Illinois/Southern Wisconsin)

are PRE-APPROVED (regardless of prior purchase) to partake in this program and may also send BANOPI emails at will to

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