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Cryptocurrency Name: Bitcoin Gold
Cryptocurrency Symbol: BTG

Coinclusion: Bitcoin Gold OR is it Bitgem? The symbol BTG has TWO LIVE Cryptocurrencies running as of November 1st 2017- Bitcoin Gold AND Bitgem.
Who would fail to verify the symbol as valid prior to launch? NO ONE.
We believe the double live symbols were intentional, misleading, and doubling as an escape plan should the network fail. It was also the first sign of something WRONG.

Given the discrepancies we have uncovered, the disastrous rollout of the test network and many other things, we are steering clear of Bitcoin Gold. BTG will be AWARDED to you buy just HOLDING YOUR BTC during the fork at a fork supporting wallet. We do not see any need to purchase BTG futures.

With the double live symbols going- it is clear that there is many things that have been overlooked for this fork. It makes one wonder if it has been rushed to production, merely to "test mine" and STILL SELL BTG DURING THE TEST, so that they can POCKET MONEY AND GET OUT!

No legitimate entity, BIG OR SMALL, would allow the creation of electronic items during a "test" period and then state that those same electronic items will be available for sale at full cost.

The scammers at Bitcoin Gold covered their tracks in case the BTG Test was a COMPLETE FAILURE. They would be able to legally fulfill the futures contracts with BTG- BITGEM. If you believe this to be incorrect, then stop reading and ignore everything we are saying.

Taking the double live symbol further- we were on HitBTC when they stated that Bitcoin Gold FUTURES were for sale. If you purchase BTG Futures, you will receive Bitcoin Gold upon rollout. When someone asked how they convert their test BTG into BTG Futures, they were told they could not. They could only sell BTG futures by buying an existing BTG future. This leads to, what should be obvious questions:

1. If you cannot convert BTC to BTG Futures thereby having to purchase an existing futures contract in order to be able to sell one, WHERE DID THESE FIRST CONTRACTS COME FROM? There was no one to buy them FROM.
2. Seeing question #1, this means the exchange CREATED the futures contracts out of thin air? Are they pocketing all the money?
3. Why would HitBTC be involved with trading BTG Futures when they started themselves that they believed Bitcoin Gold WOULD FAIL.
4. Should an exchange involved in shady futures contracts trading get a free pass? We think not, and have downgraded our rating of HitBTC to WOAH! (On our B.A. Toys Cryptocurrency Exchange listings.)
5. Exchanges creating items out of thin-air and selling them without proper backing & underwriting is no more than being a bookie. This is ILLEGAL activity.

We do have to give Bitcoin Gold above average chances due to the fact that so many people are trying to "wish it" into existence. They believe that being able to mine it again will fill their coffers- but we believe this logic will be flawed and will lead to a steady decline in Bitcoin Gold.

We further believe that the test network that was launched will soon be live on the main, and once this happens- the creators will systematically start to abandon it. They will be fleeing with full bags. As 200,000 Bitcoin Gold were PRE-MINED- they are simply waiting for their payday.

We believe that SEVERAL people will end up in prison before this one is over. But, hey, that is just our opinion.

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