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Token-As-A-Service Coinclusion
Token-as-a-service TAAS Coinclusion WHOA research points to funny business with Taas chose Liqui Exchange and transaction delays. Possible collusion.
on this TAAS cryptocurrency!

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Cryptocurrency Name: Token-As-A-Service
Cryptocurrency Symbol: Taas
Coinclusion: Although TAAS has good intentions, with being a cryptocurrency that will be dividends to those holding the coin- it is VERY concerning that Liqui was chosen as an exchange for which to trade Taas upon. Liqui has had MASSIVE problem with transacting withdrawals, especially for Taas. Liqui has been delaying the withdrawals for anywhere from 40 hours to a week. We believe they are doing so to shill the coins, by moving them during this period into their OWN accounts so they can collect the dividend. The withdrawal delays for Taas worsened as the dividend deadline approached.

When Taas was directly questioned about this practice, they had little to NO comment. At minimum, Taas should be removing their symbol from the Liqui exchange, UNLESS Taas is involved in this behavior. Either way- we have drawn a Taas WHOA Coinclusion due to this questionable behavior.

Although we believe the risk reward ratio is worth a small investment in Taas to see if the situation does improve, we strongly suggest you DO NOT invest heavily into this crypto until there is more concrete evidence of no wrong-doing.

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