We admit it- we tried to get our own Fidget Spinners made in China- something that DHGate claims is done ALL the time through their website! DHGate is as scammy OR WORSE than Alibaba!

DHGate.com brokered a transaction on our behalf for Fidget Spinners from China.

We contacted the seller BEFORE placing the orders to confirm they had the pictured items in stock. They claimed, yes- very good levels of stock.

We placed the order, having our bank specially authorize the ability to pay the company in China with a debit card.

The items arrived and they looked NOTHING like the items pictured on the listing.

We requested live help from DHGate. The first "help" request, they filed the complaint for us and stated "we would receive a refund in 5 days". Now, 8 days later- the live help function on DHGate.com no longer works. It repeatedly says what number we are in the queue and then it continuously ups that number- or if it reaches the point where it is our turn, it switches to "live help is unavailable at this time".

So, basically- we just got screwed out of being able to return the absolute garbage that was sent to us.

DHGate.com needs to be shut down- they cannot conduct business in an ethical manner. The buttons on the website for navigation: half do not work. You cannot upload the required picture for a return, unless you change browsers. If you change browsers to get the required pictures to upload- then the "submit" button does not work in that new browser. (which is why the first time we contacted them, they agreed to do the complaint for us).

The seller denied the complaint process somehow. The seller claims we must ship the items to somewhere in the United States- NOT BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME FROM. This is a violation of the DHGate policy, SUPPOSEDLY, and we would be cause for us forfeiting our refund. We would then be out the garbage product and OUR MONEY.

We did as asked and have tried to upload the REQUIRED documents for a return to be processed. NONE OF THE BUTTONS WORK. WE CANNOT UPLOAD ANYTHING REGARDLESS OF WHAT BROWSER WE USE. WHAT A SCAM WEBSITE- UNREAL!

DHGate.com is nothing but a bunch of scammy sellers that are out to get peoples' money.

DHGATE is NOT a safe website. STAY AWAY!

Did we learn our lesson? YES. Hopefully- you will learn one too. We are out hundreds of dollars. We might have been stupid to try it- but at least now YOU know as well. DO NOT TAKE THE RISK!



If you are wondering if DHGate.com is a safe website- the answer is: NO!

The message: contact us at https://www.facebook.com/DHgateSupport/ is a total scam too. They NEVER answer!

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HODL is a term derived from a misspelling of "hold" that refers to buy-and-hold strategies in the context of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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