Fortnite popular video game by Epic Games, full of cheats and hacks.

Spotlight on FORTNITE
Featured Trash Garbage Video Game FULL of Cheaters

A repost of our Facebook Announcement, we are NOT hyperlinking referenced sites and videos, you can simply copy and paste the address so that you know where you are headed. You can search the links in Google first if you so desire (or search the youtube link directly in youtube):

No reason to remain silent. The current craze in video games, Fortnite, is FULL of cheaters and hacks. Epic Games is full aware of sites, like the one we are linking, yet they fail to take action. This raises questions about Epic Games' unethical business practices. The fact that they are aware sites like this exist, points to the conclusion that they are selling the hacks themselves. Epic Games You unethical trolls. We are posting a link to the cheating site in the hopes that you get off your asses and get rid of it.


You are taking advantage of the little kids playing this game by selling cheats to the adults.

Shame on you Epic Games and Fortnite - your "battleye" anti-cheat does not detect custom code on purpose. Epic Games Fortnite you are SCUM. Here is your own streamer admitting at roughly the 14:30 mark that he knows what weapons the enemy has- YOUR OWN STREAMER IS A CHEATER like COUNTLESS others.

Check out the 14:30 mark here and see this cheater in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rokf9wtvdc8

Disable all additional monitors on streamers so everyone can see FULL GAME PLAY. There is so many things you could be doing, yet you choose to do nothing. Done with our rant, it's your move Fortnite.

If you were wondering, yes, we have won solo AND duo and managed to beat the cheaters. However, the game is too BS to continue playing. Get RID OF THE CHEATS, and your game may stick around. Otherwise, people will be tired of constantly dying to auto aim, player locator and all the garbage that goes with it. You will go the way of Fidget Spinners.


fortnite duo victory



b.a. toys duo victory in fortnite


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