Halo Mega Bloks International Special Offers Information

We are NOW offering special bundles of in-stock Halo Mega Bloks sets- that will be shipped to your location at a special shipping rate. We only ship international packages via a delivery method that requires a signature upon delivery- this is a requirement for all international shipments. We have devised a system in which to give you more bang for your buck!

Here is how it works:

1. Special Halo Mega Bloks Bundles will be appearing within your region's section. The section for each region(i.e... Canada, Europe & Australia) may have bundle options available only to their region, and/or bundles available to all three regions.

2. Halo Mega Bloks Sets appearing within International Bundles CANNOT be changed/substituted.

3. As we have been extremely successful in securing older sets in bulk- each bundle will include a special set. (Remember #2? This special set cannot be substituted/removed.)

4. Due to the complexity of parcel sizing & weights, etc...we are able to pre-determine the best packaging configuration for each bundle and avoid unnecessary shipping fees and added weight.

5. Each bundle will ship for a special rate assigned to your location!(Your rate will be listed within your region's section or will be included in the bundle price.)

6. The special set included with each specific bundle will help offset the cost of the International Express Shipping. (Rather than paying for the entire international shipping fee- we will be applying a portion of the current retail value of the special set toward your shipping fee at our discretion. Even if the special set is one you already own- it helps to offset the cost of international shipping! Besides...can your army ever be too big?)

7. International Buyers are still responsible for any Customs' Fees/Duties, Taxes, VAT, etc...

8. This variant marketing platform is a stepping-stone to even LOWER shipping prices per region in the future!

If you prefer- International Buyers are still free to browse our site and select specific items and have them shipped via the International Shipping Method.

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