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This was part of a project for joining a group in Facebook- I enjoyed answering the questions and have high aspirations of the group, and decided to post this writeup on B.A. Toys. It ended up taking much more time than I anticipated- which is always a sign of good questions. (Plus I'm wordy- it's just who I am.) I may include a link to the group, somewhere within the document. We shall see. - JB

B.A. Toys – Horizon Project – Toyken Hi EVERYONE! I wrote a book and I titled it “IntroPost” … LOL.. j/k… sorry this is so long and that I cannot make myself shorten it. It is WHO I AM- I am a wordy person! This is also written from every perspective as ideas hit me. Please don’t judge, I am only human.

1. What resource has been the MOST valuable on the path of entrepreneurship/business:

Facebook has been huge for us. We have only had so much time for social media- and Facebook has always been the one that always seems to pay huge dividends for us. In hindsight, it would have been great if we had built across all social platforms in a more diversive way, but being a small company means you have extremely limited time and resources- you must pick your battles. Do you see that? I just found a word with little claim laid to it- diversive, definition: …the act of being diverse or incorporating diverseness. #diversive example: B.A. Toys wishes they had built across all social platforms in a more diversive way. Trying to rank for things like that in Google are great.

No one, including myself, had any inclination that I would meet so many level-headed, down-to-earth people at Mega Bloks. They let the hard work speak for itself and rewarded B.A. Toys with a premiere partnership. I would love to return the favor someday and show another small business the same kind of appreciation that Mega Brands showed B.A. Toys. So, find a company you are excited about and try to please them at every turn!

Back in the day, I personally used a site called Squidoo. I would post new toy releases, articles about our company, etc… it was gaining us a considerable amount of exposure. In 2014, Squidoo was acquired by HubPages and for some reason, that I am not certain of, I just stopped using it. I should probably re-visit that account and see if it still exists. - JB

2. What are some strengths and/or areas of expertise? Speaking on a personal level, I would say my greatest strength and expertise all derive from hard-work and dedication in various hobbies, lifestyle choices and career path. I will highlight just some of that in more focus.

My greatest strength is my ability to bootstrap. Although I hate to brag, bootstrapping is one of my abilities that I would shout from the rooftops. To be able to take a business idea and grow it FROM NOTHING has always intrigued me and I believe I am getting better at bootstrapping each day. Although the connotations of bootstrapping seem to imply "at the start", I have found the bootstrapping can be applied ALL THE WAY THROUGH BUSINESS. Bootstrapping is something I sincerely believe is lacking, on a massive scale, in nearly all sectors of business. The answer is not always "give us more money". Having less money often makes you focus MORE on what MATTER to your business. You must get it right; you cannot afford to do it over.

I believe most of my bootstrapping insight came from growing up on a farm. Farmers are instinctual and natural bootstrappers, they have no choice to be otherwise. You make what you have, WORK.

3. Are there any potential ways you can help others in this group?

There might be several ways B.A. Toys could help others in this group. We are pondering that very notion internally as we speak; Our Toyken Offering has had an extreme challenge in finding worthwhile, real connections within Crypto. B.A. Toys will likely act within the startup sector on a few things we have noticed currently missing for small businesses to engage one another for help. It is SHOCKING how LACKING BIG BUSINESS is within the startup & small business sector. B.A. Toys finds this unacceptable and will be working to change it.

B.A. Toys would also be happy to lend support to anyone requiring bootstrap advice- although our advice may sometimes be as short as one or two sentences, we offer tell people what we believe their action should be, or goal to hit. We don't necessarily tell them HOW- that is up to each person to figure out. We have faced plenty of challenges along the way- we obviously do not yet have the answers to be a fortune 500 company, but you are free to inquire and take our advice as you see fit. (Or ignore it totally, lol)

Additionally, we will help some RIGHT NOW: Connections are a great thing to have- when they are THE RIGHT CONNECTIONS. We will never PAY for followers or FAKE reviews, or what have you- we advise all to stay away from that as well. 10 organic supporters are more powerful than 1000 paid actors. The 10 remember you, the 1000 forget you after you've paid them. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER BUY SUPPORT for your social channels. Also, in case we did not mention it, NEVER buy support or fake followers. Did you get that? NEVER. No matter what anyone tells you. Not even “temporarily”. We never have, and we never will. You shouldn’t either. The reason pump and dumps have been such a problem is because people have been throwing their weight behind "overnight companies" that suddenly exist and have hype because of 20,000 FAKE FOLLOWERS. WISE UP PEOPLE!

B.A. Toys has ALWAYS used outside support when possible. Our YouTube channel has actually suffered severely because of this. With our YouTube channel once being a YouTube/Google partner- we lost an extreme number of viewers as we nearly stopped posting reviews- and allowed B.A. Toys fans to post their own reviews in an official B.A. Toys capacity, with our pre-approval. Looking back, this is one aspect that helped us grow at an amazing rate- the reviews of toys that our customers were posting- not only showcased what new customers should buy, it proved just how many people were supporting B.A. Toys. Speaking personally, I will never change that model regarding YouTube reviews.

Additionally, B.A. Toys will likely be looking for outside affiliates to help us spread the word. Speaking of affiliates- if there are truly a lot of freelancers here, we have our own affiliate program. I will post the link toward the END of this article.

4. What areas in your business life are ready for a level-up?

In my personal business life- I am likely ready for several. I need to own the fact that B.A. Toys IS successful. I often find myself waiting for us to be MORE successful before feeling like I should mention that it is MINE. However, if B.A. Toys is to be around for a long time- we will need to continually BE successful, not wait for the day when we are huge to say, “we are successful”. I am also extremely shy and do not like to sound like I am bragging; However, I seriously need to work on expanding business connections. I make them often in our business dealings; They are greatly powerful and rewarding, but I believe I need to be able to make connections in a more “general sense” as well. -JB

B.A. Toys is ready for level-up in a couple areas. We believe we are truly ready for our innovative attempt at integrating cryptocurrency into our already proven, successful business model. This is all covered in our Horizon Project section.(which has been shared over 1600 times in the last 7 days by the way!)

B.A. Toys has already realized that our team needed to be "leveled up" in the sense of making it official. Although the core members of our team have relationships reaching outside of business and going back 25+ years, we realized it was time to formalize our team from an enterprise standing. Our B.A. Toys' TEAM Toyken page has been shared over 2300 times this week! (We are extremely honored that the community is taking to our announcement so well - #blessed) This endeavor has also shown us that social media is important across a few channels. B.A. Toys has always understood this regarding reviews online, Facebook posts, etc… What we did NOT realize is how important it seems to be that businesses have an online social profile across MANY channels, not just Facebook. We will be leveling our social media accounts up in a massive way. We will also be hiring a full-time social media/public relations manager.

5. What do you need to make those level ups happen? Are you looking for anything in particular?

B.A. Toys is looking to make level-ups happen with our 2019 Horizon Project. It includes the launch of our own cryptocurrency: Toyken. Additionally, we are also upgrading & developing our website to a standard we need today. Toy Power, ToyTRAX and B.A. Toys Marketplace are all on the docket- and will all be launched from our successful enforcement of trademark right- we recently acquired which will be the g-rated home of all these great happenings going forward.

B.A. Toys is specifically looking for help promoting our project. If you believe in what we are doing, we sincerely ask for your support in spreading our message. We have encountered many snake-oil salesmen along the way to ICO- and will have plenty to say and expose after our successful ICO. We have been told repeatedly, by marketeers, that our project will not be successful. NOTE: They only say this because we are bootstrapping it and have refused to pay anyone $50,000 or more to market it. The marketeers are realizing how little they are needed unless hired by a previously non-existent company looking to scam people out of money.

B.A. Toys has existed since 2010- has proven customer loyalty and a business built on ETHICS, MORALS and HONESTY. The last thing we need is to spend $50,000 on a marketeer to fill a telegram channel with fake users, place fake followers on Twitter nor load up Facebook with 38,000 suddenly new followers.

Please help spread our message. We look forward to our cryptocurrency, Toyken, having its message spread consistently through-out our marketing campaign. When we advertise our toys, we will naturally advertise Toyken. We believe it is time that crypto moved away from the seedy, shady dealings of telegram and pump-and-dump schemes TO the mass market appeal that corporate sponsorship will produce. B.A. Toys is willing to prove that honest, hard-working bootstraps CAN MAKE IT- with your support!

If anyone is interested in B.A. Toys Pilot Affiliate Program to help spread the word you can find it by a google search: B.A. Toys Pilot Affiliate Program or view it directly at: Please know that we had closed this program, but had re-opened it to 10 more Pilots. Should it close again, simply point out that you are a member of The Entrepreneur Network - Digital Nomads, Freelancers and Startups- we will be allowing ALL members of this group to apply as a Pilot in perpetuity. The recent spike in B.A. Toys Pilots is substantial and causing a few growing pains, but we will manage! Come grow WITH US- Thank YoU!

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HODL is a term derived from a misspelling of "hold" that refers to buy-and-hold strategies in the context of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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