UK & Australia International Shipping Details
New Ebay Option!

(All others please see below)

Although we have an excellent handle on international shipments- with reasonable rates for our trade- we are simply not large enough to do international shipping fees as reasonably as we believed we could by now...

Therefore, BA Toys has teamed up with EBAY in securing the best possible rates to the UK and Australia. Customs' Fees will be INCLUDED in the shipping fees assessed for 99% of our listings on Ebay!

Due to this great teamwork, should you find anything on our site that you would like shipped to the UK or Australia, you now have the option of purchasing through Ebay. Contact us and we will then list the items on Ebay for hassle-free international UK & Australia shipping! (sorry but this option is not yet available to countries outside UK, Australia or Canada)

Although it is often the desire of every business to be independent- that desire cannot outweigh the benefit to its customers through a mutually beneficial partnership. We are extremely pleased to team up with EBAY and look forward to serving additional international clients!

If you would prefer to not order via Ebay- you may still order through our site via the below methods.

International Shipping & Methods OUTSIDE THE UK & AUSTRALIA

We ship internationally via USPS International Express Mail. It seems slightly expensive but in reality- it is not. We require a signature for all international packages and this is the only way to affordably get it. (If we were to ship UPS or FedEx the shipping costs would be in the hundreds of dollars!) We fill out all of the necessary paperwork for your international shipment.

USPS is actually very affordable for the international service- extremely fast delivery, fully insured parcels and trackable all the way to delivery! Customs' Fees, Duties, Taxes, VAT, etc... is paid at the time of pick-up by you, the customer, as we have no way to prepay Customs' Fees with USPS, etc... You will receive a notice as to Customs' Fees due from your country's office. These must be paid at time of pick-up or package reception. You should check with your Customs' Office as to the generality of fees leveraged, but you may expect it to be possibly from 15% to 38% of the total sale depending upon your location.

USPS currently offers no pre-payment of Customs' Fees but this is actually very good for the consumer. With USPS handling the package, you are not paying any mark-up on fees and are paying the fees directly.(UPS and FedEx both add ridiculous but necessary brokerage fees and administrative costs- we eliminate that by using USPS)

If you live in Canada choose "Canada Express" or "UPS Standard to Canada". Canada customers also have the option of purchasing through Ebay. Contact us for details.
ALL others choose "International Shipping USPS".

Our international shipping rates are loaded- simply add your item(s) to the cart and click the red checkout button. Select your country AND the shipping method- "International Shipping USPS" or "Canada Express"- the shipping rate for the items within your cart now displays. You need not enter you street address or name yet. You can then return to the site & as you add or remove items from your cart. You will then immediately see any changes to the shipping rate in the cart window.

If you should ever receive a shipping charge that is extremely high- above US$200- this is intentional. It simply means there is a possible size/weight restriction for the parcel. Email us at and we can then verify what the actual charge would be- or if it would require two shipments, etc...

Loose International Shipping

We have many customers that actually like to fit as many sets as possible into ONE shipping box- so we offer a loose shipping option to fit more into each box!(We simply remove the sets from the retail boxes- all factory sealed bags, figs, instruction manuals, decals, etc.. are included)

This is an extremely popular option for our UK and Australian customers! For example, with Halo items & WOW items- it could be the difference of fitting in additional combat units or faction packs. If packaged, only 2(for example) may fit- but without the retail box- we could likely fit 4 or 5 sets in that same space! By shipping loose, you basically shave a little weight off the shipping fee and create much more space for fitting in items!

Some customers prefer to ship small sets loose as the figures will be opened anyway- and some prefer to ship the large sets loose due to the bulky boxes. If you should choose to incorporate loose shipping- is totally up to each individual customer as to what they would be willing to accept in loose format. We can provide our opinon as to what to ship loose, etc... we RARELY require to ship an entire shipment in ALL loose format(we WILL ship a mixture of sealed sets with loose form sets for you)

Please email us at to inquire about the Loose Form International Shipping Option.

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