HAS GONE DEFUNCT! Thumbs down for Cryptocurrency Exchange.

Our opinion on the Exchange can be summed up in the message we have sent directly to Taas (Token-As-A-Service) on Facebook, which has been pasted below.

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Rating/Opinion: Thumbs down for Cryptocurrency Exchange. Scam Alert

We strongly suggest you DO NOT USE LIQUI.IO! seems to be in the business of being very willing to TAKE people's currency but not exchange transactions in a very fair nor timely manner. The simplest action of having someone online to reassure people of issues being corrected and providing general service is being AVOIDED. This, in itself, is reason to believe that this "currency exchange" is a scam that will be taking everyone's money someday.

Our opinion on the Exchange can be summed up in the message we have sent directly to Taas (Token-As-A-Service) on Facebook, which has been pasted below.

Message to Taas on Facebook: Hi- We recently did some trading on Taas needs to be aware that is a SCAM. Although this is our opinion, due to ZERO support and limited withdrawl ability on, this is undeniable. has been delaying everyone's Taas withdrawls, apparently so they can shill the holdings until the dividend has been paid out. Taas should take action to protect its reputation. We purchased 8 shares of Taas as a test, in case others were transferring too large amounts of Taas. We transferred the shares out on October 31st, yet the transfer it still "processing" on, 2 days later. They have ZERO representatives online to reassure people that they are working on the issue. They DO, HOWEVER, have people in the trollbox (chat) that BAN people from speaking if they say anything bad about This is a SCAM EXCHANGE and you should be ashamed that you are partaking in it. There is new problems today in which clients are claiming that they cannot withdraw ANY currencies, INCLUDING USD. Since you are a tech company, and "are" so well-versed in how all of this works, PLEASE TELL US, What plan of action are you willing to take to fix this problem? I am sure the amazing "team" Taas has assembled will have a solution. WON'T THEY? #Taas #Liqui #BAToys #FintechNews #Cryptocurrency #Exchange TaaS

***End of re-posted message***

Additionally: Others in the chat room at have stated that they have had Taas withdrawls being delayed for days. The community as a whole seems to be up in arms about what is going on at this exchange. It is our opinion that this exchange should be avoided. Any companies choosing to do business on this exchange are suspect as well, AT BEST.

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HODL is a term derived from a misspelling of "hold" that refers to buy-and-hold strategies in the context of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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