Mega Bloks Call of Duty Heavy Armor Outpost
Mega Bloks Call of Duty Heavy Armor Outpost is an officially licensed, authentic Mega Bloks Call of Duty product at B.A. Toys featuring Heavy Armor Outpost by Mega Bloks Call of Duty

Mega Bloks Call of Duty Heavy Armor Outpost
Item# 6822
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Heavy Armor Outpost

  • Officially licensed by: Mega Bloks Call of Duty
  • Made by: Mega Brands
  • Number of Pieces: 726
  • Set #6822

Product Detail Summary:
COD Mega Bloks Set 6822

MBCOD: The Mega Bloks Call of Duty Last Pocket of Resistance: Heavy Armor Outpost [Special Ops]: is 726 pieces and contains THIRTY accessories? Do you see that down there? Add in Captain John Price, 2 more M.A.F. and the outpost and you have BA Toys!

Mega Bloks introduces the Call of Duty® Collector Construction Sets.


Buildable Main Battle Tank 12L x 5W x 4H inches with rotating main cannon turret and realistic tracks that really spin.

Captain John Price and two super poseable micro action figures

Includes 30 highly detailed, interchangeable accessories and weapons like removable combat vests, binoculars, entrenching tool (E-Tool), walkie-talkie, flashlight, canteen, ammo pouch, combat knives, and more!

Small buildable outpost with camouflage mesh canopy, and care package to store accessories and weapons

726 pieces

The main battle tank of the Heavy Armor Outpost is a direct fire, heavy armored vehicle that is nearly unstoppable in combat. The main battle tank of the Heavy Armor Outpost measures 12L x 5W x 4H in inches and comes with a heavy machine gun and main cannon on a large rotating turret, and tracks that really spin. The buildable improvised outpost and the camouflage mesh canopy can attach to the heavy tank to offer protection for your troops. Captain John Price and a team of two other special ops troopers possess extreme poseability, and highly detailed, authentic interchangeable accessories and weapons that allow for mission-specific customization.

For ages 12 and up.

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