Dragons Universe Mega Bloks Bloodstone Raider
Dragons Universe Mega Bloks Bloodstone Raider is an officially licensed, authentic Dragons Universe Mega Bloks product at B.A. Toys featuring Bloodstone Raider by Dragons Universe Mega Bloks

Dragons Universe Mega Bloks Bloodstone Raider
Item# 95260
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Bloodstone Raider

  • Officially licensed by: Dragons Universe Mega Bloks
  • Made by: Mega Brands
  • Set #95260

Product Detail Summary: The Predavor Bloodstone Raider by Mega Bloks is built from stolen Alliance plans and adapted by Predavor technology to be a multi-purpose light attack speeder. The Bloodstone Raider is armed with dual particle beam blaster cannons that can deal massive damage to even the largest Dragon forces and structures with a direct hit. The Bloodstone Raider comes with Predavor striker pilot Private Calenus, blaster rifle and Predavor quantum shield.

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