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Halo Mega Bloks Covenant Phantom
Halo Mega Bloks Covenant Phantom is an officially licensed, authentic Halo Mega Bloks product at B.A. Toys featuring Covenant Phantom by Halo Mega Bloks

Halo Mega Bloks Covenant Phantom
Item# 96941
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Covenant Phantom

  • Officially licensed by: Halo Mega Bloks
  • Made by: Mega Brands 2011
  • Set #96941

Product Detail Summary: No set is complete without the Covenant Cargo Ship! How else will the covenant military get to the battlefield?An Elite Pilot maneuvers a Mega Bloks Halo Covenant Phantom 96941 into action-providing heavy cover fire from its three rotating plasma cannons, as it delivers a deadly Elite Arbiter and two Ultra Grunts to the battlefield, tipping the scales against their UNSC foes. This buildable set includes opening cargo doors, plasma turrets that rotate a full 360 degress, an Ultra Elite Pilot, two Ultra Grunts and introducing THE NEW SILVER ARBITER!!
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B.A. Toys HMB Section Map Directory lists ALL Mattel Halo Mega Bloks offerings. Three 3 Halo vehicles shining their spotlights on Master Chief and fellow Spartans in panoramic view during Halo Wars.

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