(Notice Of Pre-Order Intent)

BANOPI can now be used to email your pre-order intentions in regard to SELECT ITEMS ONLY.
We will not require payment until your pre-order is ready to ship.

If you do not like to read, this program is not for you. If you do like to read or at least don't mind reading: get a feel for this section after you are familiar with the new BAToys Pilot Program. If our writing style is less than ideal- you will just have to deal with it!

BA Toys Pilot and BANOPI are/will be working in tandem. We have EXPANSIONS PLANNED for both section in 2014 that you absolutely will not want to miss. Familiarize yourself with each section and think about how they will/might work together. Think about how YOU will work them, as we present the opportunities. As a teaser, think about how YOU will work them in 2014 should we decide to offer select items through BAPilot/BANOPI ONLY!

If you have not placed an order with us previously, you may NOT partake in BANOPI until you do so.

As this is the initial launch of this program- it is merely a fully functioning skeleton framework, so that we(& you) may evaluate it for future improvements.

Although an ideal situation would be one in which we have a staff devoted to fully developing this program prior to launch- we have been asking ourselves: why would we need an entire "staff" to develop a program that is already internally in place? Why not just present select opportunities to our amazing and loyal base of customers and let them run with it? Customers willing to become involved with BAPilot & BANOPI will be making suggestions for future improvements and providing feedback.

BANOPI cannot & will not be abused. As we are taking your word as the deposit for BANOPI, the only REQUIREMENT is that you have previously ordered from us at least once. BANOPI will be accepted from previous customers based upon each customers previous order totals, we may set limits or modify maximum units allowed to be fulfilled through BANOPI at our discretion. Should we require modification to a BANOPI order you will be notified immediately.

If you have not placed an order with us previously, you may NOT partake in BANOPI until you do so. A previously qualified order is one which has been placed, paid for and the shipment received by the customer.

To ensure that we receive only valid intentions- when emailing you must include AN EMAIL ADDRESS THAT HAS PREVIOUSLY BEEN USED TO COMPLETE AN ORDER WITH BATOYS. We will preform email address verification per previous orders. Non-valid email addresses will be denied access to BANOPI.

We could achieve these same intentions by holding credit card information, BUT those types of pre-orders are even more time-consuming as we must not only notify customers when product arrives, but we must also provide a courtesy notice that we are ready to actually charge the card. Adding to this resource consumption is often a customer's common desire to change the card number once an order is actually ready to ship, etc... By taking intents via email- we believe that blasting emails back out and letting you complete the transaction will be much simpler and less time consuming for all involved.

BANOPI should receive minimal cancellations. Our rate of cancellation goal is ZERO. What's the saying? One bad apple can ruin the whole bunch- don't be the bad apple! BANOPI will NOT BE ALLOWED to be used as a product reservation service in which orders are cancelled if not filled fast enough. Although it is currently unclear if additional discounts will be available via BANOPI and/or BAPilot in 2014- it IS something we ARE striving for. If we are able to receive valid intentions and turn BAPilot/BANOPI Product over quicker- the discounts will begin to appear as if by magic. For now, you have to take us at our word- just like we will be taking you at yours!

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