Halo ONI: UNSC Prowler Corps

Halo ONI: Office of Naval Intelligence Top Secret Intel Banner for Halo Mega Bloks Set Release Dates. Security Level: UNSC Prowler Corps: This division handles electronic intelligence gathering and prowlers.

URGENT: Do NOT release until access level encryption codes are ENABLED. Security Access PERISHABLE AT ALL LEVELS if this directive is ignored. FOR SECURITY LEVEL CLEARANCE ONLY.

11-15-13 Prowler Corps Intel has been seized by top brass. This channel to remain silent until reinstated.

**-**-13 Unconfirmed reports of Halo Mega Bloks have been received for additional research.

**-**-13 Verification of some information posted through internet locations to be valid while other information has been deemed perishable through-out several electronic transmission hubs and sites.

**-**-13 IMMEDIATE verification of information through recon REQUEST RECEIVED- due to direct time constraints request field operative partner HaloToyNews(location currently classified- partnership previously TOP-SECRET-UNDISCLOSED-NTK) to gather addtional intelligence. Forwarding directive.

**-**-13 Intelligence reports received- information compiled via reports and electronic submissions.

02-12-13 Transmission deemed OFFICIAL:
Initial Intelligence Report - 2013 Halo Mega Bloks (delivered as press release)

**-**-13 Forward Intel to Section 2 for damage control.

Conditional Access (Primarily for NEW RECRUITS)
Failure to comply will result in revocation of access:
I understand that if I am uncertain about the classification status of information, I will treat all information as (TS) Top-Secret-Classified and comply with non-disclosure. I specifically understand that information within Section II is currently
Grant me access to Section II.

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