B.A. Toys is now in Rockford, Illinois:

4315 East State Street Rockford, IL 61108
B.A. Toys has moved to a much LARGER location in The City of Rockford Illinois. Having doubled our show-room size and added an adequate gaming room, we will soon be opening our new tabletop gaming play area and host tournaments such as Magic: The Gathering.

Please stop in (we are located almost directly across from Peak Fitness on State Steet) and pre-register on our tournament list so we can contact you for the first Grand Kick-Off Tournament Party, occurring on a date to yet be scheduled.

B.A. Toys is currently sponsoring some give-aways at Don Carter Lanes (just down the street to the West). Prominently featured during Rock and Bowl & Cosmic Bowl- they is actually no bad time to stop in for a few frames, just get in there!

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