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Shipping Methods

ALL orders placed upon this website are shipped as fast as possible reliant upon availability of items. For this reason, we currently do NOT offer an expedited shipping option as, frankly, we cannot ship orders any quicker than we do. We ALWAYS ship items in the best manner possible in relation to the shipping fee. As a general rule for continental USA orders:

Small Orders/Parcels(ship fee $4 and under): USPS First Class Mail
Medium Parcels: Priority Mail or UPS Ground
Large Parcels: UPS Ground (non-continental USA orders go Parcel Post)

During the peak Holiday Season (December 15th- December 21st) we DO offer additional shipping methods to ensure delivery in time for Christmas.

The "ONE shipment" method:
You will receive ONE shipment for the entire order. If you combine in-stock items with pre-order items, your order will not ship until all items are in-stock. Many customer's choose this option as they understand patience is a virtue(and less expensive).

The "TWO shipments" method:
You will receive UP TO two shipments for your order. This is often used when ordering a mixture of in-stock and pre-order items. In Stock items will usually ship immediately when choosing this option. The remaining items will ship when received. Should you desire a different breakdown for the two shipments, simply leave a comment on the order. If we are able to hold an order in its entirety for 1 to 3 days so that the order ships complete, we will do so and refund the unused shipping fee.

The "USA only- $100 FREE shipping(ONE shipment for entire order)" method:
This method is rather self-explanatory. Spend $100 or more with us- and your order will ship FREE once all items within the order are available(you may mix in-stock and pre-order items if you so choose).

UPS Ground: If you choose this method your order will ship via UPS Ground.

Pre-Order BLITZ:
When dealing with pre-orders and order of shipment, this shipping method moves you to the FRONT of the shipping queue regardless of order date. This shipping method is rather expensive but extremely popular with reviewers! The shipping rate reflects enough shipments to provide the items to you, as they are released. We automatically refund any unused shipping fees when you choose the Pre-Order BLITZ shipping method. We will use our latest internal updates to split and ship your order so that you receive items as fast as possible.

The "USA 2 Business Day Shipping" method:
This shipping method guarantees orders placed by 1PM CDT, will be delivered within two business days(at the latest). Orders placed AFTER 1PM CDT count as being placed on the following business day(due to cut-off times).

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