flames lick at the word burn as they animate an actual burn mimicking the side of B.A. Toys Toyken, hot 2019 cryptocurrency ico utility style in which decreasing circulation supply increases value of Toyken already launched on Wave Decentralized Exchange.
We HODL Toys.
Toyken ICO, Toyken cryptocurrency is attracting global attention.  B.A. Toys has set a standard of accountability which the IEO offers are trying to duplicate.   TRUE STORY about Liqui.io chat Whales ask B.A. Toys   Team Toyken BAToys, #Toyken #ICO #Rocket #Moon

Toyken Team Toyken Team is Project Lead Jeremy, Team Events Tank, Social Media Hammer Mitch and Public Relations Advisor Andrey from B.A. Toys.
TEAM Toyken

Thank you so much for making TEAM Toyken so popular! We obviously could not do this without you, and we have some AMAZING SUPPORTERS INVOLVED IN OUR PROJECT!
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Meet Our Team

Jeremy Buse, Founder B.A. Toys.

B.A. Toys® INC.
Jeremy Buse, President & Founder

Business: Theory, Innovation & Implementation
On Facebook
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B.A. Toys® *Core Team Member

Marketing, Inventory Systems, B.A. Toys Forecast SIM & Purchasing, Business Relations, Bootstrap Website Design & SEO

Our founder was farm-raised, teaching him the value of hard work, dedication and the importance of producing growth from strict, low budgets.

His early years consisted of undergraduate study at the Art Institute of Chicago, plus a position with Gateway Computers in which he gained extensive sales experience. His natural attraction to the outdoors from farming, and excellent hand-eye coordination eventually brought him to a union career of heavy equipment operating (bulldozers, backhoes...). For 25 years he has be passionate about his work, carving out earth to create polished commercial and residential sites.

Throughout his life he has always been a collector of toys, action figures, sports memorabilia and more... The economic downturn of 2010 prompted him to start his own toy & collectible retail website. His upbringing on the farm taught him the importance of bootstrapping- and he has managed to grow B.A. Toys into a toy retail competitor that has garnered attention globally.

Throughout B.A. Toys' growth, Jeremy continued to work as a heavy equipment operator 60-70 hours per week. In his limited spare time, video games, competitive darts, collecting original movie posters and actively trading cryptocurrency rounds out his time.

In 2018, B.A. Toys' founder was hurt in an accident which may have ended his career operating bulldozers and excavators, but has deepened his resolve of global domination with his online toy retail business with Toyken cryptocurrency powering unique service features. He looks forward to launching Toyken with his full, undivided attention.

Frank 'The Tank' Melson, public relations at B.A. Toys
B.A. Toys tattoo close-up, Frank 'Tank' Melson, public relations.

Frank "Tank" Melson

Public Relations, Sponsorships, Team Events

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B.A. Toys® *Core Team Member

Tank believes in B.A. Toys... his B.A. Toys tatoo proves it!

What other Crypto Projects have such dedication? NONE!

Frank 'The Tank' Melson started wrestling in middle school and naturally graduated into PRO Wrestling after college. Thirty-four years ago, he was also challenged to play plastic tipped darts. After getting beat the first time, he practiced and played until he achieved pro status in darts.

The combination of PRO Wrestling and PRO Darter allowed him to travel the country. During his travels, he met a man who made plastic tip darts for blow guns. This opened a new area for Tank, and he traveled promoting the game to people who could not always stand or throw darts due to health issues or disabilities.

Core B.A. Toys Toyken Team Member Mitch is a sassy social media HAMMER!

Stanley Schmidt

Diversity Leader, Sassy Social Media Hammer

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On LinkedIn

B.A. Toys® *Core Team Member

Hailing from Iowa, the land of corn and cows, Stanley has lived a very adventurous life. From management at Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Illinois to World Series of Poker Dealer in Las Vegas to Operatic Tenor in Chicago, a new challenge is always on the horizon and welcome.

Mugging in comic glee, Stanley (aka "Mitch with a B"), navigates life in a thoughtful and cheerful manner, always keeping one eye on politics and one ear in the music scene. Being a true child of the 80's, he is able to recall nearly any Top 40 song within the decade in mere notes, as well as lyrics.

B.A. Toys Team Toyken Public Relations Advisor Andrey Sergeenkov

Andrey Sergeenkov

Advisor: Public Relations

On LinkedIn
Andrey is a digital entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience, FinTech PR Adviser, Hackernoon and BitTorrent investor. Assisted in raising more than 40 mln USD investments for more than 20 start-ups. He believes that actual usefulness is the best PR for any project.



Additional Team Members utilized as necessary, SOME LISTED BELOW. Not everyone NEEDS TO BE, NOR WANTS TO BE LISTED for safety concerns. We have additional teams members,as necessary, to conduct business as usual.
Not to sell the support staff short, BUT... Don't forget to head over to


for White Paper, Allocation and more!

HORIZON PROJECT HAS A NEW FLY-THROUGH FEATURE. We will fly you through the information you need in three steps- FAST AND EASY!
(You can also read rest of team-
we tried to make it serious but fun!)

Who Could Ever Forget About The Kids?

B.A. Toys Shipper, Kid One.

Kid One...
B.A. Toys® Shipping & Customer Service

Late teens/early 20's. We have also managed to do all we have with limited staff. We of course have taught Kid One shipping, as well as customer service within brick-and-mortar stores. During the downtime of the stores, our staff grabs internet orders to package and label for delivery. This position is already filled.

B.A. Toys Shipper, Kid TWO.

Kid Two...
B.A. Toys® Shipping & Customer Service

Late teens/early 20's. Kid TWO knows the same things and has the same duties as Kid One. We always strive to keep our workforce diverse. This position is already filled.

B.A. Toys Shipper, Kid Three.

Kid Three...
B.A. Toys® Shipping & Customer Service

Same duties as Kid One and Kid Two. This kid may be in charge of both of the former though. We foresee needing to fill this position in late 2019 as we have a new company policy of a minimum of two employees being staffed during brick-and-mortar (physical locations) store operative hours. Kid One or Kid Two "might" get promoted to Kid Three. We'll see who wants it most.

B.A. Toys Kid Four, of course... in tribute to South Park's Al Gore ManBearPig Episode.

And, of course... Kid Four.

(Tribute- South Park's Al Gore ManBearPig Episode)

B.A. Toys® Intern, All duties

Continuing College Education. We will of course hire kid four as necessary. Kid Four will be taught all aspects of the business in an internship role. We will actually fill this position from a list of eligible candidates from a local college. Studying computer science with a focus on Excel, desired. We hired an intern once a few years ago. It was a great learning experience and we now know what abilities and traits to pursue when filling this crucial role. We anticipate filling this role in 2020. He will likely be in charge at times. Kid Three might not like that so much.

B.A. Toys Social Media Manager.

B.A. Toys® Merchandiser, Assistant Manager

We have managed to do all we have, with a very limited number of employees. As our growth becomes more aggressive, we will definitely be expanding our team to include one that can also handle management duties of our brick-and-mortar store, physical merchandising, grow wholesale accounts, and make limited purchasing decisions. We foresee needing to fill this position in 2020.

Base of operations, black folding table from Walmart

B.A. Toys® Base of Operations
6 Foot Folding Table, Black.

Remember? Not everyone is about fame and fortune?

The Base of Operations for B.A. Toys is a series of 6-Foot Folding Tables from Walmart. Laugh if you must, but this table costs around $40 (USD) and is sturdy as can be. The legs lock into position, and there is no concern about sturdiness. A complete ensemble of 5 of these tables costs less than $300 (USD) and creates a MASSIVE work area, complete with a printing station, layout areas for marketing and more. An executive desk would cost upwards of $1000 (USD) for an entry level model, ABSURD! Once again, spending more money does not guarantee success. B.A. Toys foundation has been built upon these 6 foot folding tables, starting with only one in 2010 and ballooning to a massive FIVE TABLES in 2017! (LOL)

The convenience of folding these tables up and carrying the lightweight load by their handling strap has been of massive convenience. Due to growth and expansion, B.A. Toys moved FIVE TIMES from 2011-2014 (and two more times from 2015-2017)!

Command central, Omen computer tower black with red lights.

B.A. Toys® Command Central
Omen Computer Tower, one of several.

The backbone of our operations. Obviously, an online company can do no work without a computer. We actually find it humorous as to how many projects do not include their computer within their team. Seriously? Apparently, most projects' desire is to impress you., rather than give you the honest truth about their team.

B.A. Toys Eyes on, computer monitor with own stand, black in color.

B.A. Toys® Eyes on the World...
Computer Monitor, self-standing.

We have to have eyes on the world and our internet market. We accomplish this via our computer monitors.

Razor headphones, so we can listen to the world

B.A. Toys® Ears to hear with...
Razor headphones, self-adjusting.

We have to have a way to hear everything. The way we hear everything, should not necessarily be so that everyone else can hear it as well. Out of courtesy, we use headphones when possible to keep distractions, for all parties, to a minimum.

Black ergonomic leather office executive desk chair.

B.A. Toys® Backbone of Operations...
Ergonomic Leather Office Executive Chair, Computer chair with Hydraulic Lift.

Here is one place we spent a little extra on the team. Spending so much time in a desk chair means it needs to help you forge on, not make you tired. Therefore, we spend a little extra and get the upgraded version of desk chairs from Walmart. (Hi Doug!) We paid $100 each for these chairs, but they seem to be on sale now for an everyday low price of only $69.99!
(Link opens in new tab.)

We do not have "over-qualified, over-educated" individuals on our team. That does not ensure success. What we do have, is a realistic team that has delivered proven results. We will also NOT be hiring a team of 6 employees just to manage social media and the like. We will leave other channels open for our affiliates to canvas.

B.A. Toys® will, nearly exclusively, be making announcements and postings on
Facebook f logo from B.A. Toys on Facebook    B.A. Toys Facebook Page      
     and secondarily: twitter bird logo, blue and small of batoys official account

There is simply not enough time, nor resources,
to monitor 7 different social channels;
It is uncalled for and unnecessary!

HORiZON PRoJECTToyken ICO Rocket | TEAM | Paper

TEAM Toyken


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Toyken Team
Toyken Team left to right shows Project Lead Jeremy, Team Events Frank the Tank, Social Media Hammer Mitchell and Public Relations Advisor Andrey from B.A. Toys.

TEAM Toyken THANKS YOU FOR 1000+ 2000+ SHARES!


We appreciate your support!
We are working hard to make you proud!


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HODL is a term derived from a misspelling of "hold" that refers to buy-and-hold strategies in the context of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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