Toyken Video, Offering & Details

Video showcases ENTIRE Horizon Project!
Video is 5 minutes long, but
our project is LARGE.

We are KNOWN FOR stocking high-demand collectibles that customers demand for years after production has stopped. By requiring Toyken to secure such collectibles, we are leveraging the demand of collectibles on TOP OF the demand for cryptocurrency!


Confirmed Accepted Currencies: WAVES, BTC, ETH (we may take others randomly)
The first offering round commences on May 4, 2019 from The Waves Exchange. Offering price will fluctuate based on the live-market pricing of WAVES, BTC & ETH. 'Full Round' dates are May 4 to May 31. Toyken price cannot be 'SET' but we will monitor this Adopter offering round with the expected offer price to be the equivalent of 4-5 cents per Toyken.

Milestone Round Offering

BEGINS on June 1, 2019 OR UPON SELL-OUT OF EARLY ADOPTER ROUND. As this is being conducted live-time, once the Genie is out- there is no putting it back in. This means LIVE-TRADING COMMENCES ON MAY 4, 2019 AND DOES NOT STOP. Toyken price cannot be 'SET' but we will monitor this Milestone offering round with the expected offer price to be the equivalent of 6-8 cents per Toyken.

TOYKEN will have a minimum redemption value on B.A. Toys' website equal to the lowest price paid in the Early Adopter Offering Round. We have a projected target redemption rate on the website of 8-10 cents per Toyken. As with any speculations, this information is not guaranteed and is an opinion only.

B.A. Toys is marketing, and will continue to market, the Milestone Round Offering as commencing upon the sellout of completion of the EARLY ADOPTER OFFERING ROUND. We would suggest you not miss the Early Adopter Offering Round as the Milestone Round Pricing will be left to market conditions.

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GO TO TOYKEN HORiZON PRoJECTB.A. Toys Horizon Project features Toyken Offering ICO plus IEO Format.  Come see what kicked the IEO Craze off! It was the leak of B.A. Toys' TOYKEN Cyrptocurrency Offering prior to public announcement!

May 4, 2019 @ 9AM CDT

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HODL is a term derived from a misspelling of "hold" that refers to buy-and-hold strategies in the context of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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