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Warcraft Mega Bloks Goblin Zeppelin Ambush
Warcraft Mega Bloks Goblin Zeppelin Ambush is an officially licensed, authentic Warcraft Mega Bloks product at B.A. Toys featuring Goblin Zeppelin Ambush by Warcraft Mega Bloks

Warcraft Mega Bloks Goblin Zeppelin Ambush
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Goblin Zeppelin Ambush

  • Officially licensed by: Warcraft Mega Bloks
  • Made by: Mega Brands
  • Release Date: 2012
  • Set #91014

Product Detail Summary: Get the drop on the Alliance with this airborne, goblin-engineered attacker! Featuring a unique balloon and a brick-blasting cannon launcher- you may ready for battle with Krazzle, the Goblin Rogue, and Light Hoof, the Tauren Paladin. Both feature highly collectable judgement armor. The Worgen Rogue, Darkhowl, can stage a counter attack with his buildable Alliance crossbow as he plans a sneak attack on the Zeppelin. Also includes a random loot drop- armor or weapons- to add to your collection!

  • Buildable and iconic Horde Goblin Zeppelin with cannon launcher.
  • Buildable large Alliance crossbow with working launcher.
  • Buildable Goblin Rogue, Tauren Paladin and Worgen Rogue micro action figures with customizable gear and weapons, featuring highly collectable Judgement armor.
  • Includes random loot – alternate armor or weapon – in each set!

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